md-BCK-regIt's time Miranda Miller got some satisfaction.

Not later this month. Not eventually, after further study and deliberation. But right away. Send in a crew with weed whackers or scythes, gravel or dirt. And get the BCK lot cleaned up.

Gillespie-regBy Anne Finlay-Stewart

My name is Bobby. Mr. Gillespie was my father." This was my introduction to the rookie candidate for Owen Sound city councillor.

Bobby's father is not insignificant to his story. Born and raised in Owen Sound, Bobby returned to the city after university thinking he wanted a career in radio. His father had just built an office supply business, and he needed some help. "He asked me to work in the business for just one year," Bobby remembers. "After that, I could do whatever I liked. Taking him up on that offer was the best decision I ever made."

chats1-regBy Trevor Falk

This is the first in a series of articles about the lack of information about the public business of the township of Chatsworth. In terms of providing such information, Chatsworth is easily the worst in Grey County, in my view.

I will provide numerous examples in this series. Many of the examples will be based on the case of the municipality's bio-digester, for the simple reason that I have followed that issue closely for more than two years.

schoolboard-regBy Anne Finlay-Stewart

It is the first day of the school year for over 17,000 students in Bluewater elementary and secondary schools, and the beginning of the end of term for their school trustees.

There are ten days left to register to be a candidate for Bluewater District School Board trustee in the October 27 municipal election. Owen Sound is entitled to one of the nine elected trustees, and so far there is only one candidate, four-term incumbent and current chair Marg Gaviller.

Trustee elections tend to be less contentious and dramatic than their mayoral and councillor counterparts at any time, but an acclamation can slide by almost completely unnoticed. The downside of this is the lack of public discussion around the local decisions concerning education. Even for the most devoted pragmatist among us, education should be a subject of high interest. At a tax rate set by the province, almost twenty cents of every residential tax dollar in Owen Sound this year is earmarked for education. The connections between effective schools and the economy, health care, social services and even public safety should not be difficult to make.


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