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An open letter to Rick Byers, MPP Bruce Grey Owen Sound

Greetings Mr. Byers –

We write to you as our elected representative in the provincial government to voice our grave concerns about the lands that were removed from the Greenbelt for housing development and the process by which this occurred.

According to experts (Ontario Housing Affordability Task Force Report 2022) Ontarians do not need to sacrifice environmental protection to address the housing crisis.

What is needed is affordable housing and for that there is sufficient land within municipal boundaries to address the affordable housing crisis.

There is no justification for taking away productive farmland, destroying sensitive eco-systems, and obliterating wildlife corridors to build more high priced single family homes that require services and roads. Especially now, as we are facing the high risk impacts of a changing climate along with loss of biodiversity.

The Ontario Auditor-General’s Report has revealed a biased process that benefits certain developers with ties to the present government, lack of consultation with impacted Indigenous communities and the public, and did not involve any environmental review or considerations.

We ask you to please consider the serious long term implications and irreversible environmental impact of developing these lands.

We urge you to:

  • Call for the Ontario Legislature to be recalled now.
  • Push for the Greenbelt lands to be returned to their former protections immediately.
  • Listen to Ontarians; 83% of whom have asked for housing to be built in cities, and 88% of whom think government should focus building on lands where services already exist.
  • It is not a responsible or democratic government that consults nobody, admits the process was flawed, yet goes ahead with a plan that for unjustifiable reasons has long term adverse consequences impacting millions.

We hope that it is not your position to endorse a corrupt process.

Let us make a difference.

We look forward to your reply.

Regards – Members of the Grey Bruce Climate Action Network (GBCAN):

Susan May, Earth Works, West Grey

Joachim Ostertag, Owen Sound Climate Action Team

Ann Schneider, Georgian Bluffs Climate Action Team

Danuta Valleau, Georgian Bluffs Climate Action Team

Catherine Daw, Collingwood Climate Action Team

Suzanne West, Clearview

Leigh Grigg, The Sustainability Project

Joyce Hall, Climate Action Grey Highlands

Lesley Lewis, Meaford

Maureen McDonnell, Climate Action Now Network, Town of Blue Mountain

Odette Bartnicki, Saugeen Shores

Tim Dixon, Georgian Bluffs





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