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Ontario Greens leader and MPP for Guelph Mike Schreiner responded  to new revelations about the identity of lobbyist Mr. X, named in the Integrity Commissioner’s Greenbelt report, and the resignation of Housing Minister Steve Clark.

“It’s time for Premier Ford to start being honest with people about his $8.3 billion Greenbelt giveaway.

Ford-connected insiders are cashing in millions and billions from the corrupt process that led to Ford’s Greenbelt giveaway.

Identifying Mr. X begins to shed some light on the money trail that led to Ford’s Greenbelt scandal.

But it also raises many unanswered questions.

With every new revelation about Ford’s $8.3 billion Greenbelt giveaway, the calls for accountability get louder. And Ford repeatedly fails the accountability test.

If Ford and his housing minister Steve Clark think they can keep hiding behind empty apologies and hollow promises to do better, they’ve badly misjudged the people of Ontario.

Ontarians have lost all trust in this government, and they are demanding honest answers and real consequences for the sordid mess they are watching unfold, day after day.

Every acre of land must be restored to the Greenbelt

Ford must call a full public inquiry into how this happened to make sure it never happens again.

The days of deflecting, denying and delaying are over.

The Premier keeps assuring us the buck stops with him. It’s time for him to step up and prove it.”

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