Ottawa/Queen's Park




Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MP Larry Miller is starting off this session of parliament with a rhyme-

Mr. Speaker, last week I held a round table in Owen Sound to discuss the Liberal government's latest attack on small business owners, physicians, family farms, and more. The message was loud and clear that these reforms will be very damaging to each of these sectors. To make it crystal clear for the Prime Minister, I drafted this poem to truly get the point across:

Prime Minister and finance minister, a message for you.
It's from Bruce—Grey—Owen Sound so you know that it's true.
Small businesses, farmers, and physicians alike

are left scratching their heads at this unfair tax hike.
Have you ever been to a barn? It's not a tax haven.
Your proposals will tax hard-earned money that we've been saving.
My retirement plan, my kids' education,

that's what you're taxing, not some island vacation.
Small businesses and doctors they're not some tax cheat,

they're out creating jobs and making ends meet.
So Prime Minister and finance minister please don't be so sinister,

abandon this plan, it's unfair to administer.





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