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danlittleheadDear readers,

I once again express my regrets on not being able to bring forth my views in person at the all candidates meeting.

Firstly on the idea to cut emissions by 1/2 before 2030, I do not trust the government to handle this critical matter as...

climateemergencyrallyAt a series of Green New Deal town halls in the region, the non-partisan group of organizers announced they would hold a public All Candidates Climate Emergency Debate for the riding. The meeting this Tuesday, September 10 at the Harmony Centre in Owen Sound will be the first opportunity for residents of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound  to see most of the local federal candidates on the stage together...

danlittlehead- Dan Little

Why Libertarian?  This is asked of me a lot, and the answer is that I am tired of the status quo and can no longer prop up a failing system by voting strategically or by trying to pick the “lesser of all evils”. When anywhere between 30% to 40% of people don’t even show up...

Chris StephenI happen to think that ethics are important in government.

Canadians’ interest in the SNC Lavalin affair has lessened, according to the polls. That doesn’t matter to me. What you do when ...




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