OS-Policesept-fullOn December 9th 1972 a one year old child was struck and killed in a fail to remain accident in the 1700 block of 7th Avenue East, Owen Sound. The suspected vehicle involved was black in colour with square taillights. At the time of the incident, Police conducted and investigation, including an area canvass for witnesses and information that would better identify and locate the suspect vehicle. Paint chips were seized from the accident scene, however the Center of Forensic Science was unable to assist without having the suspect vehicle for comparison evidence. Rewards were offered for information about the death but that effort availed no results.

As the years passed, some information was provided to police regarding theories of the crime, some persons of interest and potential witnesses. All of the leads and persons of interest put forward have been fully investigated by police Detectives. In the instances of new information, corroborative evidence was provided, thereby eliminating these people as suspects.

In 2016, police Detectives followed up on an investigative lead which resulted in locating a new witness to the incident. Police have learnt that on the night of the incident, a house party was ongoing in the area and around the time of the incident. Through the continued investigation a male person of interest has been identified and police believe the suspect may have been at the party or had been associating with people present the party.

Though a long period of time has passed since the death, the case remains active and the police continue to seek and speak with witnesses. Police are encouraging anyone with information about this incident or the house party to please contact investigators or CrimeStoppers.

source: media release, Owen Sound Police


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