ice formationsGrey County Ontario Provincial Police urge the public to stay off the ice formations specifically those in Georgian Bay along Bayfield Street in the Municipality of Meaford.

This public safety warning is being issued after Grey County OPP recently received calls from concerned residents reporting that people were walking on the ice out in the bay.

Ice is never 100 percent safe as it can change dramatically in response to weather and water conditions. Grey County OPP is not in a position to declare ice conditions safe.

Ice safety and weight-bearing properties of ice can be affected by many factors, including: thickness, currents, age of the ice, pressure cracks and snow cover. Ice conditions can change dramatically.

The ice formations in Georgian Bay are interesting to look at and great to photograph, however, it is recommended that this be done from a safe distance. Don't take unnecessary risks by venturing out on the ice.

source: media release, Grey County OPP


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