Though the numbers of fish being caught are down from last year, anglers are still bringing in some big ones, and there's lots to do at the Derby tent. Organizer Chris Geberdt walks us through it.

Salmon-feat282014 Salmon Spectacular Top Trout for 28/08/2014 (Weight)

Rank Name City Type Kgs. Lbs. Time
 1  John Campbell  Owen Sound  Lake Trout  5.590  12.41  15:01:15
 2  Bradley McDonald  Shallow Lake  Lake Trout  4.270  9.48  10:47:06
 3  Gary Fischer  Branchton  Rainbow Trout  3.720  8.26  10:44:07
 4  William Forrest  Kippen  Rainbow Trout  3.440  7.64  21:31:20
 5  Bill Fairman  Owen Sound  Lake Trout  3.300  7.33  12:28:50

Salmon-feat272014 Salmon Spectacular Top Trout for 27/08/2014 (Weight)

Rank Name City Type Kgs. Lbs. Time
 1  Mike Tousek  Georgian Bluffs  Rainbow Trout  5.320  11.81  11:51:34
 2  Dean Koch  Wellesley  Lake Trout  4.050  8.99  12:54:53
 3  Bill Fairman  Owen Sound  Lake Trout  3.680  8.17  12:11:26
 4  Chris Mink  Chatsworth  Lake Trout  3.270  7.26  11:42:55
 5  Lorenzo Pellizzari  Guelph  Rainbow Trout  2.750  6.11  14:30:51

Salmon-feat262014 Salmon Spectacular Top Trout for 26/08/2014 (Weight)

Rank Name City Type Kgs. Lbs. Time
 1  Bill Fairman  Owen Sound  LakeTrout  4.960  11.01  12:05:48
 2  Bill Fairman  Owen Sound  Lake Trout  4.220  9.37  12:07:00
 3  Wayne Sullivan  Baden  Lake Trout  3.870  8.59  10:56:33
 4  John Klazinga  Sarnia  Lake Trout  3.730  8.28  11:55:05
 5  John Campbell  Owen Sound  Lake Trout  3.670  8.15  14:12:50


By Doug Townsend

Varney - It was a long time coming but Cole Weber from New Hamburg was finally able to put it all together Friday night and land both Pro Late Model features at Full Throttle Motor Speedway. With the season three quarters done # 11 Cole Weber has raced hard in the Chuck Lawler / Bill Alderson built machine picking up a number of features but as good as one race would go the next would have its issues but this night was all his! In Feature one he would start pole which allowed him the lower groove but with veteran short track racer Kent Nuhn in # 1 on the outside it was no easy task to get out in front.


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