By Doug Townsend

VARNEY, ON – Under some of the best weather we have had all season Full Throttle Motor Speedway started the fall schedule of racing, and hopefully if the weather holds will take us all the way to Oct 24th.
In Mini Stock action this past Friday fans where treated again the best door to door racing you will see anywhere in Ontario. In feature one it was #86 Nick Clarke from Mount Forest leading the field to the green and he was not long getting out front but keeping it there would be the job this night. A lap five caution for #06 Ryan Hardy from Markdale who lost his battle with the corner four wall would bring the field back together. On the restart Clarke was able to hold off the field till midway in this race when short track veteran #35 Tim Tolton from Guelph would take over the lead and making it a three car race would be #51 Clark Hartman from Waterloo.

Fullthrottle-featbTolton would find Hartman on his back bumper for the last five laps then with just two to go Tolton seemed to drift a little to high on the back straight a way allowing Hartman to get the low line into corner three and that would be all he needed. Hartman would go on to win this one followed by Tolton in second, Clarke for third then #73 Scott Schlueter from Milverton for fourth and rounding out the top five would be #9 Tessa Cremasco from Mount Forest. Video of this race can be seen on You Tube by going to Full Throttle Motor Speedway or by following this link:

Feature two would see #51 Clark Hartman on the pole with #34 TJ Edwards from Fergus on the outside. Edwards would get the jump off the line but it was not enough to clear #51 Hartman as they would battle side by side in this one until the low line won out and Edwards was forced to drop in behind Hartman. As it would turn out this is the way they would end up running the whole race with #51 Clark Hartman winning his second of the night this time followed be #34 TJ Edwards, third #86 Nick Clarke, fourth #73 Scott Schlueter and for fifth #9 Tessa Cremasco.

Fullthrottle-fullbPure Stock action this week saw the points champion return to victory lane along with a first time winner. In feature one #14 Luke Bos from Conn was able to work his way through the field and find his way back to victory lane after being crowned points champion last week. Although he was back in victory lane he had to work his way past #8 Patrick Farrow from ShallowLake who is becoming better and better with each lap he turns. Third in this feature would be #73 Sheri McIntyre from Brucefield who is also improving every night and seems like a natural on the highbanks. Fourth would be #9 Sandy Eccles from Ayton and round out the top five would be #41 Jeremie Duguay from Hanover. Feature two would finally see #41 Jeremie Duguay get his first well deserved checked flag. Duguay has been a strong runner right from the start considering he has only raced in this class for the last 6 weeks or so, but engine troubles or other mechanical issues have not allowed him to keep out in front once he got there but tonight it all came together. Second would go to #14 Luke Bos, third #9 Sandy Eccles, fourth #73 Sheri McIntyre and for fifth #8 Patrick Farrow.Fullthrottle-feata

In Crazy Train actions fans got what they came for as six sets took the green for feature one but as in train racing not everyone would finish the night. Road Rage Therapy's night would end early after some heavy damage to their third car. In the end this feature would go to Texas Traincar Massacre, followed by the Rockford Rednecks, third Confused Till We Die, fourth Jonathon Bates Roofing, and for fifth Here We Go. Feature two proved to be the race with a lot more fender banging and plenty of action including a multiple roll over by the third car of Here We Go. In the end it would be Texas Traincar Massacre for their second checker of the night followed by the Rockford Rednecks again third would be Confused Till We Die and rounding out the field Jonathon Bates Roofing. Video of this race can be seen on You Tube by going to Full Throttle Motor Speedway or by following this link:

Next racing action at Full Throttle will be this coming Friday Oct 3rd starting at 7:30 with the return of the Street Stock class along with JCAR Trucks, Junior Late Models, Pure Stocks and those Crazy Trains. For full details check out the web site for follow us on Face Book at Full Throttle.



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