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busystreetI think the issue of whether parking is free or paid is not a factor for all the empty store fronts. It certainly is not because there are no shoppers in Owen Sound. Just look at all the full parking lots at Walmart, Canadian Tire,...

osfhtToday my 3-week old baby boy had an appointment at the Family Health Team, and as I was leaving his appointment, this elderly lady came up to me. She looked rather upset and she started to tell me how she has a lot regular doctor appointments...

handshakeThe recent letter [in the Sun Times] extolling the virtues of Dr Stanners misses the point. I have no doubt that he is a good man, who practices his profession with a caring and compassion. I was disappointed, however, when no mention was made of how he is bringing...

OPSEUstrikeI feel like somebody needs to propose a compromise. Before this strike started the workers voted 74% against a contract that their bargaining team had brought to them at the request of a Ministry of Labour conciliator as an alternative...


There is a special place in hell for those who drive though a line of people who are legitimately and peacefully exercising their right to demonstrate an unfair workplace. The men who drove into the women picketing the Owen Sound Medical Centre on Thursday and again on Friday have booked their...






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