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vehiclesI am perplexed why Oshawa closure is getting so much media attention. I don't recall nearly as much coverage when Tenneco recently announced a similar closure in Owen Sound. Yet, on a per capita basis, the Owen Sound closure is 1.5 times as great as the GM closure if one considers only Oshawa, and an almost 5x greater per capita impact, if one considers that the...

wind turbinesFrom the Office of Bob Yaciuk – Leader of the Trillium Party of Ontario

The Trillium Party of Ontario accepts and acknowledges that there is serious harm to human health involved with Industrial Wind Turbine (IWT) projects and will implement, in the Environmental Protection Act (EPA), the recognition of these health...

french chalk boardThe following was sent to the Hon. Lisa Thompson and the Hon. Bill Walker:

Dear Ms. Thompson and Mr. Walker:

Please advise the Premier of Ontario to...

coffecupHere’s my take on a carbon tax. Let’s suppose there are only two people involved. One pays $1000 in carbon tax and the other pays $200. Each person then gets a $600 tax rebate. One has to admit that this should help to reduce the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere that is...


The Fraser Institute is a propaganda machine for corporations.

It got its start with money from Big Tobacco to refute...


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