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health teamDear Editor,

The Owen Sound Sun Times says "Nurses will no longer do initial medical inquiries".

The Owen Sound Family Health Team website says "A Family Health Team is an approach to primary health care that brings together different health care providers to co-ordinate the highest possible...

opseusolidarityThe letter from the Family Health doctors is only one side of the story. The ex staff have another side to tell. The truth may be somewhere in the middle.
People are complaining that they do not like...

osfhtThe doctors of the Owen Sound Family Health Organization (FHO) feel they have an obligation to provide an update to the community with regard to the recent ratification of an agreement with OPSEU local 276.

After our employees decide to strike in May, we discovered...

queens-parkDear Editor,

Sometimes a law will have unintended consequences. A judge might say, "I agree with you but the law says differently." That could be a reason for the using the notwithstanding cause.

To use it otherwise and especially...


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