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The Fraser Institute is a propaganda machine for corporations.

It got its start with money from Big Tobacco to refute...


At the risk of being drummed out of the NDP, I tend to side with MP Larry Miller in his assessment of the USMCA (the US, Mexico, Canada Agreement), but without his outrage.

Looking back at the drama of the...

chicagobuilding- by Peter Reid

It’s been two years now since I acquired the Chicago Building in the 200 block of 10th Street East. In October 2016 the building was completely empty. The Artists' Co-op had moved to 2nd Avenue; and the apartments had been vacant for over a decade.
The store front was returned to the three separate units that are currently home to...

genetic testingDear Editor

Are the people of Ontario in danger of losing their insurance because of genetic testing? This is something I have been asking since the presentation of...

smokestacksDear Editor,

Climate change is real. Climate change is a threat. So, the very real threat of climate change requires action now. To act on the very real threat of climate change it requires a plan. This brings me to question what the federal Conservative Party's climate change plan is. Canadians expect nothing less from...


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