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pregnancytestWe can agree to disagree in a debate about women having abortions. As a social work student, I could talk until I'm blue in the face about the right for women to access abortion. However, this letter brings more a personal opinion.

I come from a family...

LGOntarioDear Editor:

Write to the Lt. Governor of Ontario asking her not to sign Premier Ford's legislation imposing the notwithstanding clause. There is no state of emergency to justify its use. She transcends politics, because our rights, being the ...

DIADear DIA Board Members, Mayor Boddy, and Council Members,

I have concerns after attending the recent public meeting held by the DIA to discuss the re-structuring of the DIA and the redirection of $180,000 of DIA members' money to pay for complimentary parking in the downtown core.

chapmanhouseI never thought I would need to warn the community about Chapman House, Residential Hospice of Grey Bruce. After all, my Dad had used hospice in the States and we were very happy that it was available...


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