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Canada flag mapAccording to the Sun Times, the Fraser Institute says that the average Canadian family is paying 43.1% of its annual income as taxes which go to support the government.

In fact taxes are our share of...

ottawa parliamentDear Editor: So, it looks as though Jody Wilson-Raybould was right after all. Mr Trudeau and his fellow lobbyists did indeed apply undue pressure to the Attorney General, pushing her to ...

walkerfordDear Bill,

We know you are a great supporter of Mental Health Services in Grey and Bruce Counties. A few days ago you spoke at the opening of the Labyrinth by the Canadian Mental Health Association Grey Bruce. This event also was to remind all of us...

resilienceDear Editor:

I am embarrassed! The city council members I helped elect actually refused to answer a legitimate question during question period at last Monday's meeting. The question only required a yes/no answer, but the Mayor dismissed the question and the woman ...




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