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motelWe can not continue to pretend that homelessness is a problem that only the government will fix while we remain silent. Too many people are out there now with absolutely no place to go. Affordable housing and emergency shelters are an absolute necessity....

breath testsDear Editor,

Later this year, Canadian drivers could face a new reality on the road – random breath testing.

Last week, Bill C-46, the Liberal Government's bill to tackle drug-impaired driving (introduced alongside C-45 which legalizes marijuana) received...

thumb-3150402 640In reply to the "I'm Not Really Done Fighting" post of Kaitlyn Neath


What drives the standards by which we have discussion? Is it still TV and newspapers? Is it Facebook? Or something else? The current perception...

lawDear Editor,

In February 2018 there was an article by Kevin Donovan, Chief Investigative Reporter - Toronto Star. This article expressed that there...




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