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Townsend HeadshotDear Mr Townsend,

I recently attended an all candidates meeting in which you denied climate change was caused by human activity and stated that Co2 was not a pollutant but a naturally occurring gas. I’ve gotten so I can ignore this...

robotDear Editor:

Greens and NDP are promoting a robot tax.  However, if a company needs to cut costs by automating in order to survive, a robot tax could be counter productive.  Rather than have a robot tax, It might be more positive to have a tax rate adjusted for a ...

smoke stackIt took a while for the public to realize the serious risk one imposed on themselves by smoking cigarettes.  Similarly it is taking a while for people to realize the seriousness of ...

waleedfamilyTonight I attended a town hall in Owen Sound that was held by the People’s Party of Canada.
Although it took every iota of strength that I had in my body to attend this event, I wanted to be present, as a representative of my community. It’s important to celebrate freedom of speech and to engage with people with (vastly) differing views.

At the beginning of the event, Mr Bernier mentioned. . .




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