dave-chip-truck- by David A. Robinson (catch up with chapters I, II, III, IV, and V)

On a windy, warm day, I coasted slowly and carefully down the steep swooping ramp into Percé. The tire was pumped and holding air, and its skinnier profile seemed to translate into better speed. Everything seemed fine. Here was a place I'd dreamed of seeing for years. People walked the sidewalks between boat cruise arranging kiosks, souvenir shops, motels, auberges, restaurants, galleries of what I would assume would be pretty chintzy items intended for quick sale, and it all started taking the form of a perfect ...

generrevolution "It used to be so simple," rings Katie Couric's voice in the opening shots. "You were a boy, or you were a girl. Girls wore pink, boys wore blue. Girls played with dolls, boys played with trucks. Girls played house, boys played sports. But that was then..."  Couric explores this idea in Gender Revolution.

This National Geographic documentary will be the first of two movie nights presented by Grey Bruce Pride. Showing on...

DAve-Percé- by David A. Robinson (catch up with chapters I, II, III, and IV)

Where were we?

The Gaspé is huge. It's a country. Crawling around its perimeter, one can only guess at the wonders that lie within. My guitar playing bandmate and neighbour Don loves to go back-country skiing in the Chic Chocs. I glimpsed the edges of this range. Enormous. Maybe it's because ...

farm alfalfaToday, 14 farm organizations repeated their joint call for the federal government to cancel variety registration for all genetically modified (GM or genetically engineered) alfalfa until a full economic impact assessment is conducted, and to establish a protocol for testing all imports of alfalfa seed grown in the US.

"Through cross-pollination, GM alfalfa poses a potential risk of contamination...




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