wedgieFollowing a successful re-launch last year, the Epic Wedgie returns for 2018. The Epic Wedgie is a 150km point to point mountain bike ride over 2 days on the trails and tracks of Grey and Bruce Counties.

picklesLearn how to can peaches and pickles and a little about dehydrating your food too!
This is a hands on workshop, so be prepared to do the work under direction & take the finished product home with...

between-our-steps-07-25-18-doubleLast Sunday at Keppel Croft gardens, we sat under umbrellas and a tent, let water drip around us, got our feet and pant legs wet, gave thanks for what was falling and prayed for more. As we moved from song, story, and prayer to lunch, the drops got ...

tree wateringThis summer's hot, dry weather has taken a toll on the seedlings planted by volunteers this past spring at the Owen Sound Hospital. NeighbourWoods North is working to save the still living seedlings through weekly waterings and fall...

mars opposition- by John Hlynialuk, Bluewater Astronomical Society

You have probably noticed a bright orange star rising in the southeast around 10 pm recently. Readers of this column are probably not fooled by appearances and recognize a planet when they see one. In fact, this is Mars, amateur astronomers' main telescopic attraction of 2018. This summer will be the best time to...






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