signs- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Signs of the times – how should we read them? The Owen Sound Hub is starting a semi-regular feature this week about some of the potential development around town.

The current Owen Sound city council was elected to a significant degree on a pro-development platform, with a strong mandate to expand the City's tax base and lessen the burden on current taxpayers. Their success in this endeavour has been...

lawbookThe author spoke at last night’s community meeting in Markdale about education in rural Ontario. She shares here the full text of the prepared comments she did not have sufficient time to deliver.

My name is Elizabeth Marshall and I am not a lawyer and do not give legal advice but I am a Legal Researcher for Green and Associates Law Offices and have had my research used by other law firms. I have published many reports and articles respecting various pieces of Legislation, having had...

moo- by David McLaren

A little while ago I found myself agreeing with Jim Merriam for the second time this year. The first was in February when he flirted with proportional representation for electoral reform. The second is this month for his defence of supply management.

Dairy quotas don't drive up consumer prices – retailers do. Managing supply means stability for dairy farms – many of which are run...

manitoba-minimum-wageThe Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound NDP has reviewed a letter authored by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and sent to Premier Kathleen Wynne. In it the Chamber opposes (without seeing) anticipated recommendations of the Province's Work Place Review. That Review may recommend more...

handstogether- by Mathea Treslan

My name is Mathea Treslan and I am a grade 10 student and a member of student council at Owen Sound District Secondary School. I recently had the chance to read Josh Blair's letter concerning the current state and atmosphere at OSDSS. Although Josh eloquently expressed his feelings on what heconsiders to be a very negative situation, I feel compelled to defend my school's ...




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