InkQuinoxXIX"Going back to earlier days, and the good fortune I had to meet this man..." - David Robinson

grey gallery1During the month of November Grey Gallery is hosting exhibitions by two local artists, each of which is a direct response to the world we now find ourselves inhabiting. Lydia Knox’s exhibition of oil paintings is entitled Angels of Covid, and Diana Griffith’s series of portrait drawings is ...

InkQuinoxXVIIIWhat do we do with racism when we hear it?

InkQuinoxdogsHello Hub Readers,

This October, I chose to eschew the now very popular "#inktober" assignment, which I've enjoyed doing for I think four years now. Like a lot of successful upstarts, the Inktober camp was starting to collapse under the pressure of some folks clamouring for the spotlight, publishing books, creating hype all around the world, artists arguing over fairness, not being paid, etc.

Personally I had nothing to do with any of that but it clouded my ...


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