2022 City Election


questionmarkpileA new citizens’ organization, Rebound Owen Sound, has been working for three months to generate interest in the municipal election and focus on key issues. That process, including a Facebook page,  a website and several public meetings, has resulted in seven important questions (below) that they are inviting each candidate for Owen Sound Council to answer.

They will do their best to share the responses they receive as broadly as possible. ...

whereyouwantThe 2022 municipal election takes place Monday October 24.

The Hub presents a list of candidates for office in Owen Sound including city council and both the public and separate school boards.

LivingRough OwenSoundCItyHallI have just sent an email off to all 14 candidates running for council in Owen Sound.
I welcome you all to do the same to bring change to what was once a beautiful city full of life. The homeless, addiction, mental health crisis is getting worse each day and there needs to be an ending of this in sight.
This is my open letter:

Support online voting Follow My Vote 1184x789The 2022 Municipal and School Board election is 43 days away.

Offices for which an Election will be held:

Jon FarmerCarys RouleauOwen Sound residents will have a chance to discuss the future of the city and meet Owen Sound City Council candidate Jon Farmer at Rrampt on Thursday September 15th. The event will run from 5-7pm and is being hosted by local real estate agent Wanda Westover.

“I believe strongly in the power of community conversation,” Farmer said. “My goal with conversations like this is to hear what concerns and dreams ...


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