2022 City Election


cityhallVoterlookup.ca is no longer collecting or confirming information for the 2022 municipal and school board elections for this municipality.  Owen Sound's Municipal Clerk's office can  confirm your name is included on the 2022 Municipal Voters' List in Owen Sound here.

basketballhoop- Jan Chamberlain and Michael Craig
Co-chairs, Rebound Owen Sound

Owen Sound is a marvelous city, surrounded by forests and farms, a great place to live. We all love the hiking and biking, the music and art. Thousands of people volunteer with dozens of excellent organizations proving that they care deeply for their neighbors, including members of our City Council.

However, a majority on City Council have not demonstrated a willingness to ...

signowensound- by Jon Farmer

As a first time candidate for Owen Sound City Council, I’ve been knocking on doors to introduce myself and ask folks about their concerns and hopes for our city. In that process, I’ve learned that when people say “Owen Sound” they don’t always mean the same thing. Curiously, Owen Sound is a homonym.

When some people say Owen Sound they mean ...

vote keyIn order to vote in the upcoming 2022 Municipal Election, you need to be on the Voters’ List. Visit the election website at www.owensoundvotes.ca or the Service Owen Sound counter at City Hall to check if you are on the Voters’ List.

Internet and Telephone Voting will be used for the 2022 Municipal Election in the City of Owen Sound.


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