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canada flagDear Editor,

Time and time again, Canada bears the brunt of many jokes claiming that our great nation is, in essence, the 51st state of the United States of America. Canadians emphatically reject these jabs by pointing out that we have our own identity, our own culture, and most importantly the ability to act independently...

Sauble culvert path Oct 2018Dear Editor,

The Town of South Bruce Peninsula (SBP) states in it’s Strategic Plan that the “environment is a key driver not only for growth and development, but for how natural heritage could be protected and preserved. However, Sauble Beach in my mind, has become a case pitting economic gain against a fragile beach...

House-and-SunsetDear Editor,

What can be done to increase the housing supply, especially for younger and low-income people? Candidates running for city council were recently asked this question, but it's no secret that the widely-known strategies don't work very well. Construction costs a fortune, meaning that...

factoryWhat if I told you we could attract clean industry, greatly lower taxes for all residents and businesses, have other municipalities all across south western Ontario knocking on our door to give us money, and that this would all grow exponentially, would you be interested in hearing about it?...


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