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townhallDear Editor

On September 27th, my MP, Larry Miller, held a telephone 'town hall' on electoral reform. I thought this was a good idea—getting the views of his constituents on how we should be electing governments in this country is certainly something an MP should be doing. I applaud Larry for attempting to do that.

I say 'attempting' because...

LarryMiller-featureDear Mr. Miller,

I am very disappointed to hear that all (30 of 30) of the people that were chosen to speak in your town hall on electoral reform were in favour of keeping the old system, while those in support of...

saveoscviLast night, the Bluewater School Board met in the comfort of their building in Chesley to start a fresh wave of school closures. It was a meeting that the Save OSCVI group had hoped would be held in Owen Sound:
where the public have many questions about the Board's plans in the wake of the surprise closure last spring of five of the city's schools.
With commencement ceremonies now being planned for recent graduates of both OSCVI and West Hill, the Bluewater District School Board Chair Ron Motz has refused to face the public to provide an update on the...

freedom-united-states-of-america-flag-america-largeYou may have noticed that the United States of America is having an election. You may have also noticed that the campaign for the presidency has descended to the lowest form of fear-mongering, hate-inspiring, juvenile, falsified, disrespectful, conspiracy theory fuelling circus.

At first it was mildly amusing and I will admit that watching the news was, for a while, a guilty pleasure, kind of like watching The Kardashians or Honey Boo-Boo. It was easy to just pass it off as Americans being.....


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