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canadianbillsmoneyDear Editor

With the recent announcement of a new Canada Child Benefit, I decided to calculate how much of an impact this will have in our Bruce Grey - Owen Sound riding. After all, a big part of this will be "new" money flowing into our community that wasn't there before. This money will be spent by local residents in local stores, and circulated within our community.

So, how much money will be suddenly appearing in our community? While I haven't seen a front page

Trump letter"The times, they are a changin'," sang Bob Dylan way back at the start of the '60s revolution. Well they are changin' once again. The Brexit vote shocked not only the markets and the debt rating agencies (both of which promptly punished Britain for voting 'leave'), but it led to the resignation of PM David

beachlitterDear Editor,

In a day and age where money basically runs society it's surprising just how many people can afford to travel. Thanks partly to online "deal finders" and the low Canadian dollar, visitors have all the more incentive to stay north of the border this summer season. But is this an issue?

It is apparent that within an outstanding three short years, the area of Grey-Bruce has been recognized by the public in Ontario even more. Popularity in the area has skyrocketed from being a "too long of a drive" to being "totally worth every kilometre". It is quite funny how the paradigm towards our area has changed for

I would like to say how ashamed I am of our city council that they refuse to fly the LBGTQ FLAG. We are supposed to be...


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