tellamy- by Andree Levie-Warrilow for the Grey County Master Gardeners

Happy New Year!!
Winter may not bring much glee to the hearts of gardeners, but it is a perfect time to curl up with some excellent books to inspire you with thoughtful gardening ideas.

Here are five highlights ...

onfrozenpondThank you to Steve Morel who has kindly shared these most Canadian, most Grey County, winter moments.

Watch them both with the sound on, and let it take you back - until you can smell the snow, feel that cold air in your lungs and the flush comes to your cheeks.


tombuncepicture- by Robert Menzies

My friend Tom Bunce has died.
We shared some interests, once upon a time.
Besides playing some baseball with him,
I was in awe of his painted landscapes that were alive -
and still are, today.

growingupgreywinter- by Cayley Routenburg-Brown

Winter is certain. Depending on your age, you might have a different relationship with it. Winter means a few things as a child. Snow days, hot chocolates, and Christmas. As an adult it means snow tires, white-knuckle driving, and shoveling. Winter in Grey County, however, is a little different. Driving through a blizzard in Grey County is the exact same as holding a piece of white printer paper in front of your face. This is what we like to call ...


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