sun-featureWith the arrival of fall colours comes the return of the Speaker Series at Meaford Hall Arts & Cultural Centre. Have a seat in the beautiful Gallery space and listen to this season's lectures, including speakers both local and from further afield. All talks begin at 1pm, admission is by donation.

The Bluewater Astronomical Society begins with 'Solartalk' on Sunday September 20. Learn about the Sun, our "daytime star", explaining how it is responsible for such astronomical phenomena like eclipses and northern lights at night. Then, view sunspots and solar prominences using special telescopes that allow safe solar viewing.

On Sunday October 18, speaker Marjorie Davison presents...

cookie-featureTim Hortons annual Smile Cookie campaign is back to bring even more smiles to communities across Canada. Starting today for one week, Tim Hortons guests can purchase a freshly baked chocolate chunk Smile Cookie for $1 plus tax at Owen Sound restaurants, with 100 per cent of the proceeds being donated to support Paediatric care at the Owen Sound Regional Hospital.
"Smile Cookie Week been successful year after year, thanks to our loyal guests," said Fay Harshman, Tim Hortons Restaurant Owner in Owen Sound. "We are honoured to support the Owen Sound Regional Hospital Foundation with the proceeds raised and to share smiles with all of our dedicated guests. Stop by our restaurants this week and purchase your freshly-baked Smile Cookie to support a great cause!"
Owen Sound Tim Hortons restaurant owners and guests have generously donated almost...


By Cathy Hird

Borders are strange things. These lines on a map become walls that divide. Those who seek to flee unrest at home are finding these arbitrary lines to be chasms that are impossible to cross.

Politicians here and in Europe are facing public pressure on the one hand to allow people in, and on the other to stop the flow. Refugees pay the price. Crossing a boundary is never easy. So let me offer a difficult story...

word-on-street-poster-featby Kelly Babcock

Okay, I admit it. I'm getting old. Well, I'm getting older, my dad is old. But I'm getting to the point where I remember things fondly from my past, and when I tell younger souls about them they give me a quizzical look.
One of those things that I talk of fondly is the summer excursions I used to go on. Everyone knows about school bus trips; I experienced them during my education as well. And they were always more fun than just going to school. But they did not hold a candle to the summer excursions laid on by the Women's Institute of Kemble.
Why? I don't know. Perhaps it was because there would be no test the next day. Perhaps it was the amazing site of an entire village locking its doors and walking to the community centre in Sunday clothes on a Tuesday morning in early July to board a rumbling coach bus. Perhaps it was the fact that my grandparents were there with their friends. Perhaps it was the oddness of it. Perhaps it was ...
Well, who knows. But there was no thing like it in my short and sheltered life. And now that I'm older ...


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