eritreansinsnowThe high yesterday in Asmara, Eritrea was 20C, but these new Owen Sounders from that warm country are gleefully embracing our Canadian winter. Here they are at Dual Acres wagon and sleigh rides near Shallow Lake, with owner and driver Durk DeVries.

Saba, on the left next to Donna Jansen, just arrived ...

M.S.Chicheemaun- by Rick Stout

On this day January 12th 1974, my father, his friend and I drove from Owen Sound to Collingwood to watch the ship launching of hull # 205.

The day was cold like yesterday as we stood on the pier waiting for 11:45. Finally the horns blew and the ship started to slide ...

BOS 01 13 2022 doublesize
In his book Sand Talk, Tyson Yunkaporta says that there is no word for culture in his language. The phrase that approximates the concept roughly translates as "being like your place." He talks about the way ...

trevorfreshroots- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

It doesn't surprise us in the least that Number 1 FAN Jackie Ralph was the very first person in line to get coffee from the CMHA Grey Bruce Fresh Roots Café as it opened its doors today at 1028 2nd Avenue East in Owen Sound.

The Café is a social enterprise project of ...


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