hockeysticksCelebrating birthdays and special occasions is more challenging these days.

Cierra Haylow is looking for at least 30 hockey sticks for a birthday project that is being completed for her younger brother. The gentleman who is making it is having a hard time finding enough . . .

thank youJust yesterday we were being flooded with nominations for our “Thank Essential Workers Giveaway” as the winners were to be drawn today. However Shannon Deckers from ReMax Grey-Bruce asked if she could contribute some prizes. We of course accepted and extended the nomination window another...

between our steps 05 13 20 double
Rock solid. Something we can totally count on. Like the bedrock under our feet. Unmoveable like a mountain. Unchanging like the granite boulder in the field, in our yard. In our culture, rocks are an image of ...

three in one thousandBy Jon Farmer
There are many topics that don’t come up in what my grandmother would have called ‘dinner conversation’. We’re specifically taught to avoid three in particular: religion, politics, and sex. But the fact that we’re discouraged from talking about sex has consequences, not the least of which is that we also avoid talking about sexual violence. This is strange, given that the majority of women and a significant number of men will experience sexual violence in their life times.

This is not a secret.




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