lottery drawDue to Covid-19 restrictions and the cancellation of the 2020 Annual State Convention in May, The Ontario State Board of the Knights of Columbus has reached out to the (AGCO) Alcohol and Gaming Commission, to seek alternate arrangements for this year’s Knights of Columbus...

between our steps 04 08 20 double
Walking along the road, watching chipmunks scamper, I saw a small patch of snow drops. Just a few delicate white flowers but the first here on the shore.  

A day later, three ...

Bald Eagle- by John Dickson, Owen Sound Field Naturalists

Although many planned Nature events and activities for humans have been suspended, re-scheduled or completely cancelled this Spring, the normal routines of Nature seem...

christopherwrigleytyping- by Christopher Wrigley

I have been thinking about you and about our previous discourse focusing on the essence of love. I have been dreaming about the time when all earthly beings justify their actions based upon their love for society.

In this period each individual will be raised by families who give. . .




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