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racismRe:  Vandalism against Owen Sound Mosque

First of all I want to express my sympathy to the Islamic Community in Owen Sound whose mosque has being vandalized twice last week. This also has happened at a time where racist Neo Nazi stickers are found on posts around the city. These events are very....

workThe Ontario government of Doug Ford is taking a five months vacation away from the Ontario Legislature. MPP’s may work in their constituencies during this time, but there is no doubt that Labour Councils will be ...

scrapingre: Calling out racism and hate, July 9

Firstly, I applaud Anne Finlay-Stewart from The Owen Hub for taking the risk to call out these egregious stickers and educate the public about this hate speech. It is time to be brave and I thank you for standing up.

rippedstickerRe: Calling out racism and hate, July 9th, 2019

Racism and hate have no place in Canada. Period.

I've spend my whole adult life serving and standing up for all Canadians while...




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