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hydroLetter to the Editor:

I welcome Francesca Dobbyn, joining Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals, in the race to be elected MPP on June 7. While we both agree that Bill Walker's Progressive Conservative promises to cut spending will cut our needed services, such as health care and education, it seems that our agreement ends...

muddy trailsIt was with interest that I read Patrick Watson's open letter to Owen Sound's Mayor Council in response to the Owen Sound Accessibility Advisory Committee's recommendation to pave the trail that runs from the entrance to Harrison Park at 2nd Avenue East and 1st Street East. The comments that followed on...

Andrea HorwathJim Merriam and others in the commentariat community are turning themselves into pretzels as they avoid talking about the NDP. It's as if Andrea Horwath is the new Voldemort. To listen to them there is only the "stark choice" between the tightie rightie...

liamkellyThis Thursday through Sunday, I, Liam Kelly will be in Halifax at the Liberal Party of Canada's National Convention. My first convention was in 2016 in Winnipeg making this my second national convention. I'm 16 and as a rural Canadian resident, I understand the importance of having rural representation at the...




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