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backpacksAs the new school year gets underway, Bluewater District School Board would like to express our thanks and deepest appreciation to the United Way of Bruce Grey for its outstanding efforts in assisting local families through its annual Backpack Program. It is amazing to...

onlinevotingDear Editor

Recently, I have been approached about the move, by municipalities, to implement internet voting. People should be out-raged and it would seem they are.

People want paper ballots with polling stations and there is nothing in the Municipal Act or the...

downtown osDear Editor,

Now that the Owen Sound Municipal Election is gearing up for the October election, there is important information that candidates need to provide us in making our decisions.

First though, congratulations to the men and women who will be candidates for Owen Sound City Council in the fall election. Thank you for caring about...

busystreetI think the issue of whether parking is free or paid is not a factor for all the empty store fronts. It certainly is not because there are no shoppers in Owen Sound. Just look at all the full parking lots at Walmart, Canadian Tire,...


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