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smallrootsThe Mayor of the Town of South Bruce Peninsula (TSBP) is grasping at straws for a defence at the upcoming court hearing. The TOWN themselves created these additional problems with years of interference on the beach from heavy machinery...

lisa thompsonTo the Editor,

On Sunday last (July 8th), my partner and I were attending a Truth and Reconciliation Dinner at a church in Southampton. We found ourselves seated at a table with, among other attendees, the new Minister of Education for Ontario, MPP Lisa...

Bill-Walker-2018croppedDear Editor:

I am an educator with concerns about the most recent actions promised by the provincial government to revert back to the 1998 Health and Physical Education Curriculum. I am also concerned that plans to integrate the indigenous...

residential schoolTo the Editor,

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was struck to make recommendations to counteract the generations of trauma caused by sending Indigenous children to residential schools. This act has been defined as cultural genocide. There were 94 calls to action made...

picketManagement at the Family Health Organization is publicly blaming its striking employees for the collapse of a woman at the Medical Centre in Owen Sound. They say that the strikers knew about a pre-existing condition she has, and deliberately targeted her...






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