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mailboxYesterday I asked The Book Depository, UK, how long it would take their book shipment to get to Owen Sound.

Their reply - 25 to 35 days- shocked me. They also attached the following...

criminalcodeDear Editor

There are a number of people saying Jody Wilson-Raybould (JWR) for Prime Minister. Perhaps folks need to reflect on this a bit. The only way I can express why, is to look at the legislation that she, and Jane Philpotts, voted in...

sneakerssmall- by Kate Walsh

On my mind - I’ve been teaching for something like 18.457 years or thereabouts. When I teach I love my students- I love the ones who challenge me and keep me awake at night thinking about their wellbeing. I love the ones who stand toe to toe to me and tell me...

drugbillsStapled onto my paystub on Thursday there was a letter from our company drug plan provider. This was the first I'd heard about the provincial government policy cutting drug benefits to children under 24 years old which comes into effect on Monday.

The change means if you have a drug plan your children will no longer qualify for OHIP+. I have five children, so this may affect me personally. You see, the new policy says that if you've maxed out the benefits of your drug plan...

neurodiversityAs we approach Autism month, here's one example that mirrors why I don't 'light it up blue' or cover myself in puzzle pieces to raise awareness.

Autism$peaks wants to 'cure' autism. They supported Andrew Wakefield and the anti-vaxx movement. They think...

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