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Andrea HorwathJim Merriam and others in the commentariat community are turning themselves into pretzels as they avoid talking about the NDP. It's as if Andrea Horwath is the new Voldemort. To listen to them there is only the "stark choice" between the tightie rightie...

liamkellyThis Thursday through Sunday, I, Liam Kelly will be in Halifax at the Liberal Party of Canada's National Convention. My first convention was in 2016 in Winnipeg making this my second national convention. I'm 16 and as a rural Canadian resident, I understand the importance of having rural representation at the...

CopwayThe Saugeen Band of today believe they were promised something they weren't. What they think they were promised is mathematically impossible. They have forgotten that because of the mathematical impossibility, their ancestors already fought for their rightful treaty boundary over 160 years ago and won.

tealightsI applaud the support for the horrific tragedy out west of the hockey players killed in that awful bus crash.

Some days after, in the Himalayas, 25 young Indians were killed when their bus went off the edge of the road, careening 60m's or so down into a ravine.

I have heard....




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