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socialmediaDear Editor:

Digging into one's past is getting exponentially easier every year and the amount of information that can be gathered each year is also growing exponentially and the means of transmitting this information to others is ...

Olivier OthelloDear Editor:

Where is the limit for the politically correct stupidities? I have tried very  hard to see any racism in Mr. Trudeau's decision to dress as Aladdin for the Arabian night party 18 years ago. Aladdin, an Arab, WAS dark skinned!  Should we also call an ...

climaterally2Congratulations on running on behalf of your respective parties.

About the coming  International Climate Strikes to be held at Owen Sound City Hall 4:30 to 5:30pm September 20 and 27 -


I was at the first debate of the local campaign and watched Michael den Tandt, the Liberal and Alex Ruff, the Conservative, get away with murder. Well, not literally, but ...




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