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coyote huntDear Editor,

Further to Gary Kenny's letter last week.

When it comes to the making of factual claims it does not matter where a person lives, or his or her occupation — Science is objective fact. Science shows that non-lethal deterrents are more...

wallet penniesDear Editor:

Today, May 28th, is World Hunger Day, a reminder that many people suffer from food scarcity.

It might be hard to believe for some, but Owen Sound has members of its community who do not have enough...

abuseRe: $28 million provincial cut from Children's Aid Societies

This is something I know about, being a retired foster parent. Workers had huge case loads. Kids who come into care have more often than not already been through hell...

li charter of rights cbcRegarding: "Pro-choice activists speaking out against anti-abortion ads on Hamilton buses"

The billboards read “Canada has no abortion laws. Seem backwards?”.  The words are deliberately misleading. There is plenty of...

ice and snow in arctic watersTime to get real with moderate centrists who believe in climate change but still think we can take a "middle ground" approach to addressing it:

30 years ago, a price on carbon would have been enough to move us incrementally and gradually to...

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