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cornandcloudsIn reponse to a letter to the Editor and a reader's comment on it.

Patrick Jilesen made a good point - and Robert Hope implicitly gives him that as well.

IF a business mainly competes globally and with cheap imports, then the hike of labour costs has strong consequences for the industry.
Economic theory suggests two options:

1) Ensure that your products distinguish themselves in quality and other attributes, which allows charging a price premium, or

2) ...

lettertotheeditorLetter to the editor,

I honestly don't understand why the Owen Sound Chamber of Commerce needs to oppose the minimum wage increase that Premier Wynne is proposing for Ontario. In the world of a competitive marketplace, it simply doesn't make sense.

If I were in business, one of the few things that would matter is competing on a level playing field. If I must buy my materials at a cost greater then my competitors I would be in big trouble. Of course...

artgalleryFriends of the Gallery,
As you know the TOM has undertaken a careful due diligence process in regard to the Old Courthouse and Jail as the site of our new expanded Art Gallery. The Gallery Board has spent a considerable amount of time, effort and money over the last ten months.
The Courthouse site offers a number of advantages. However, the due diligence process and pre-consultation discussion with the City has revealed a wide range of concerns. These include insufficient parking, unknown heritage compliance requirements, building height restrictions, to name just a few concerns.
The primary objective of the Gallery is to build a new

citycouncillorsIf there was any doubt about whom Owen Sound Council represents, City Councillors left it at the door on July 17 by passing this resolution: "that the Council of the Corporation of the City of Owen Sound supports the Ontario Chamber of Commerce's request that an Economic Impact Analysis be done of the proposed [workplace] reforms prior to implementation."

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce opposes the Workplace Reforms being proposed by the Wynne Government in Bill 148 and they said as much in a letter to the Premier that was full of dis-information.

City Councillor Richard Thomas, on his way to voting for...




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