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chesleybridgeDear Editor,

Across Southwest Ontario, the flooding has caused significant damage. An important and special concern are the bridges that have been made unusable, including the one in Chesley. The bridge is a core connection between the north and south parts of the town, and the important main thoroughfare, County Road 30. It will take at least a year to...

electricalgridDear Editor

In October, 2017 the Fraser Institution did a report entitled "Rising Electricity Costs and Declining Employment in Ontario's Manufacturing Sector." There is some shocking information in this report that the people of Ontario may not have heard before...

office-381228 640Trillium Coast ITS is a company that provided web services to the Tom Thomson Art Gallery throughout 2017. This is their response to this morning's article on OwenSoundHub.org


This is not a consipracy[sic]. The website SSL certificate was outdated, it has been fixed. We are a real company. We had a real contract with the TOM. Our telephone number works and so does our email address. The "mailing" address online is just that, a mailing address - not our office address.

It is quite disheartening that with so much technology at our fingertips, we lose sight of the affect we can have on real people that we know nothing about.

gavel-statueOf course public opinion should judge Patrick Brown. That's what happens in a democracy when the courts no longer reflect society's values.

Jian Ghomeshi knew that. That's why he selected trial by judge. And that's why Dr Henry Morgentaler chose trial by jury. He knew that what he advocated, safe abortions, was against the law, but...

deareditorDear Editor,

Well, finally. Jim Merriam wrote an article I can disagree with. He had me worried there for a bit. Thought I'd either have to turn Conservative or send him a New Democratic Party membership form. Whew.

A couple of columns back, Jim revealed his opposition to a higher minimum wage for workers. Nothing wrong with that – everyone's entitled to be wrong once in a while. But it's how he expressed it that's bothersome.

You see, he rounded up all the local letters to the editor he could find that opposed the raise to $15 an hour and let...




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