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secondharvestAlong with many Ontarians, I was disappointed to hear that the Government of Ontario made the unfortunate announcement that it will terminating the Basic Income Pilot, as well as reducing the planned increase to Ontario's social assistance programs from 3 percent to 1.5 percent, meaning it will no longer coincide with inflation.

On August 1st, The Ontario Association of Food Banks (OAFB) released the following:

caduceusDear Doctors:

There are a few things we know from research on the impact of low wages. We know that not paying people enough to live on means poor diets and unhealthy housing. We know that bad diets and bad housing lead to increased use of emergency rooms, higher rates of hospitalization and poorer recovery outcomes.

walkingawayIf you don't like the way a chain of coffee shops treats their employees you can take your business elsewhere. Not so with Family Health Teams (FHT). Before you can find a new doctor you have to quit your old one and there is a huge waiting line for a new one. Our Owen Sound FHT is currently controlled by physicians. There is an alternative. . .

garbageCity of Owen Sound logic:
Problem: We need a way to address property standard issues in a timely fashion.
Solution: Bring in a bylaw that allows a more rapid response and allows the city to take action and bill the property owner...


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