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thumb-3150402 640In reply to the "I'm Not Really Done Fighting" post of Kaitlyn Neath


What drives the standards by which we have discussion? Is it still TV and newspapers? Is it Facebook? Or something else? The current perception...

lawDear Editor,

In February 2018 there was an article by Kevin Donovan, Chief Investigative Reporter - Toronto Star. This article expressed that there...

paisleycentralOur community of Paisley has much to celebrate! On June 19th, the Bluewater District School Board (BWDSB) held a vote that officially ended the Accommodation Review for Paisley Central School.  This long and difficult chapter has now closed, and Paisley can move forward, building on

chaininkIt is the simplest thing in the world right now, go to the Government of Canada's website, click contact the Prime Minister, and inform the government that Canadians do not support any NAFTA deal of any kind. Not one shred either of truck nor trade with the United States until innocent children...

tap waterEditor,

Many people have asked if I could explain why the request to include the Fluoride question on the next municipal ballot was rejected, so these are the facts...






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