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I have been thinking about the hyphens in my identity and how important they are to situate me in Canadian society. We are all hyphenated Canadians, because we all have a history and a particular place. To ignore these, to act as if we are all the same, has the effect of ...

Collage of students learning in forest

forestfestivalThe 8th Annual Bruce Grey Forest Festival is taking place Tuesday Oct. 1st to Thursday Oct. 3rd.  This is an opportunity to discover why the great outdoors are so great.

Over 900 Grade 7 students from across Bruce County and Grey County will be. . .

Pratie OatenThe potatoes are dug and it’s time to boil up a pot of “lumpers” to make a batch of everyone’s favourite “Pratie Oaten”: Irish potato ...

between our steps 09 25 19 double

Headed out the door, ready to turn the lock, I pause. By the time I get home it will be dark. I go back inside and turn the outdoor light on. Now I'm ready to go. Except, by the time I get the car door open, I feel the chill of the breeze. Back to get ...




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