book-2388213 1920Kait O'Neill is thinking of opening a business in the Owen Sound area, and that's just the kind of thing we at the Hub like to hear!

She's looking for input and opinions - always a good start to the simplest kind of market research. Please be respectful and honest as you give Kait your thoughts on her concept.


"I would like to open a metaphysical cafe/bookshop in the down town Owen Sound area. We'd have crystals, herbs, tiny plants, essential oils, and of course- books! Both classics and occult infomation. The shop would have events every now and then, including....

reusablebottlesThanks Liz Zetlin for showing us that everyone - children, businesses, event organizers, and celebrities - can make the choice to promote re-usable water bottles and reduce our reliance on plastic. 

Liz finds and rewards this weekend's Tap is Tops award winners: a four-year-old, a business, an event and a musician:

scamThis is the kind of scam the police are always warning you about.  It arrived at this morning, and appeared to be from a local person, complete with her full name and a credible email address (her name @  Quite likely that was the address that had been hacked, and all her contacts received the same email.  The "reply-to" address was the same name, but @

We opened it before we trashed it - are we now hacked? Let us know if you hear we are in Turkey, because we're not. Just changed our email password.

It's me, OMG!!! this is for real,am curious to wonder if you got my mail, am very sorry/disappointed that i didn't inform you about my last trip to Istanbul,Turkey am stranded and got mugged at gun point all cash, credit cards, phones were stolen from...

ducksThanks again to Liz Zetlin for keeping our minds on the alternatives to plastic this month. (And for the photos.)

"Day 6 Plastic Challenge awards go to Casero Kitchen Table - every table gets served cool tap water (without having to ask), and it's replenished frequently. Their take out containers are recyclable - no styrofoam or




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