Brigit1- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Tucked in the back of the Owen Sound Artists' Co-op on 2nd Avenue is an oasis of artisan food - fresh and made by hand. Birgit's Pastry Café has been a dream of its artist-baker owner for a very long time. When she turned 60 and the opportunity arose at the iconic Mackay Building in downtown Owen Sound, Birgit decided it was now or never.

Since 1994 Birgit's baking has been a staple of ...

crocusMurray Beech is a Friend of the Owen Sound Hub. He regularly writes and calls in to us, and sends drawings I hope one day to be able to reproduce in the Hub.

Murray cares about the environment, and equity; safety and good health. He encourages us all to be our better selves.

Murray is a peaceful,...

between-our-steps-03-07-18-doubleThe tragic school shooting in Florida sparked waves of reaction, emotion, and action in the United States and Canada. The first reactions were ...

astronomyThe second most beautiful phenomena in Astronomy! Join John Hlynialuk of the Bluewater Astronomical Society as he discusses what the Northern Lights are and how to be in the right place at the right time to see one of these...

march break bruce powerBruce Power is holding a fun and informative youth drop-in program at the Visitors' Centre during March Break, March 12-16.

Activities range from a robotics demonstration to turtle conservation, to movies, games, puzzles and Indigenous crafts, as well as a...

Lepus- by John Hlynialuk

The constellation Orion is especially prominent in the southern nighttime sky in March. The three equally bright, equally spaced stars of Orion's Belt give it away immediately. I have even become familiar with their names (left to right): Alnilam, Alnitak, and Mintaka, -now these tongue-twisters just roll of my...






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