chapt5 1The Bicycle Trip Saga Vol. III: The Elephant

Chapter V: Golden Horseshoe

Starting in right where we left off, it was Chinese food I craved, and so, making my way observantly from the roaring, pulsating, luminous rush that is Niagara Falls, northward along the gorge, checking...

between our steps 06 05 19 doubleIn August, when we purchased this house the structure of the gardens was clear. The edges of every garden were marked with stone. Plants did not honour those lines, growing in the gravel lanes, spreading from one terrace to the other, but the structure was  ...

jump rope for heart1On Thursday, May 30, Alexandra Community School had their first annual Jump Rope and Hoops for Heart celebration. It was both a fundraiser and a ‘fun-raiser’.

The weather was perfect as the entire school took to the playground and the parking lot. Skippers worked...

Boat Pic 1All hands were on deck last Friday, as the Alexandra Eagles’ Cardboard Boat Racing team hit the open waters of the YMCA pool.

The team was originally due to complete in the annual Skills Ontario Cardboard Boat Race scheduled for February 6 in...

social justice- by Paul Conway

When I wrote a month ago, at the end of the first month of the 2019 Leacock Anniversaries celebration, I parted with the following suggestion:

Both new wine in the old bottles, and new...

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