springpaintingWant to try painting without investing a lot?

Every first Friday of each month, The Colour Jar in Durham hosts a $2 tryout session for all ages, from 4:30 to 7:30. Drop in; space...

AlfalfaContamination of non-genetically modified (GM) alfalfa crops in Ontario is highly likely now that GM alfalfa seed will be more widely available for sale in 2017, and this greatly concerns Grey County members of the National Farmers...

CDXOIKbWYAA4PJbThe Owen Sound Harbour is about to become much more colourful over the coming weeks as the Chi-Cheemaun's bow is wrapped in bold, bright colours and images influenced by the iconic Woodland style...

Mayor Jill Techel speaks to seniors - by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

No one aspires to living in Long Term Care. Yet one in ten of us over the age of seventy-five will require this service in our lifetime. That ten percent will have complex health issues including end-stage illnesses and serious cognitive decline that will require specialized care. Almost all residents of Long Term Care require some assistance with personal care, and one in three of them is...




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