between-our-steps-06-20-18-doubleI am stuck on the question I asked last week: how is it that some people don't see how desperately we need rain. As I look at fields and work in the garden, as I feel the dryness of the land, I wonder how anyone could ...

libraryglassCome to the Library this summer for lots of great, free programs and to register for the TD Summer Reading Club.

The Owen Sound & North Grey Union Public Library will be hosting a launch party for the...

conservation clubDo you wish there was a place that you could express your opinion, explore the views of others face to face without the shortcomings of internet comment sections? Then Conversation Club is...

beersmall- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

It was right after Victoria Day weekend, and the cider coolers at Foodland were almost empty. DJ, the department manager, said the public response to beer and cider sales has been way over what anyone expected.

"The whole priority of this store is local," ...




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