pridesparkles1As the chairperson of Grey Bruce Pride I would like to take the time to note our successes of 2018 and opportunities coming in 2019.

It was an active year with our police services Meet and Greet sessions...

alexandralunchTwo days, eight turkeys, one principal, two librarians, one police officer, one firefighter, and I could not count all the volunteer parents and caregivers because they were moving too fast! That's what it took to serve almost 250 turkey dinners at Alexandria Community School's annual Christmas lunch.

Everyone wore handmade...

leviLevi is one of dozens who gathered at Greenwood Cemetery in Owen Sound yesterday to remember those who. like the unnamed child on the  card, have no memorial to mark their final resting place.

Aly Boltman led two historical cemetery tours this year at Greenwood.  In her words, "both tours ended at Potter's Field where we talked about the 1200+ people buried...

chapel- Aly Boltman

Owen Sound people, I need your help for a Sun Times photograph at Greenwood Cemetery TOMORROW (Sunday, Dec. 16th) at 3:40 pm and to help get input for the related project. Please meet in front of the small brick chapel on the east side of the cemetery. This is open to anyone and everyone...




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