between our steps 09 04 19 doubleSunlight sparkles on rippling water. The bay seems calm this morning. The level surface looks like linen, flat except for the creases that catch the light.

Once the kayak is a little way from shore long waves roll ...

James PaceJoseph Pace's documentary will be released on September 16th in 1500+ theatres in 30+ countries around the globe. The film's executive producers are James Cameron and Arnold ...

scotttaylorheadshot- by Liz Zetlin and Scott Taylor

Thanks to senior Grey County planner Scott Taylor for his explanation of what declaring a climate crisis means. This is a slightly condensed version of Scott's talk at the Climate Action Team BGOS' panel discussion on August 22 at The Harmony Centre.

1. What does declaring a climate crisis/emergency mean?

shellycurley - Hub staff

What happens when the small business owners of our community, the mom and pop shops, have a crisis? Everyone who has run a business of their own knows that there are both joys and challenges. And there is always the “what if...?” of being unable to work. No benefits, no coverage from the government.

Shelley Curley, owner of Awesome Blossoms...




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