between-our-steps-01-17-18-doubleWhen a baby cries in the night, one of the parents gets up. No matter how tired they are, the parents know that the baby is hungry and needs to be fed.

I have come home from a late-night meeting, tired and in town clothes, gotten out of the car, and heard a

shoppingcart- by Anne Finlay-Stewart

For the third in our series about living on minimum wage, I interviewed a local woman who has asked us not to use her name for fear of putting her precarious work at risk.
Here is "Marie's" story.

Marie is from this area; her father worked on some of the famous lakers. She had a steady job at Edwards in Owen Sound in the 1990s, making $16 an hour – about double the minimum wage at the time – before she was laid off as the out-sourcing trend began to take hold. She moved to Cambridge to find work, and was soon making switches for...

scarecrowsHead Scarecrow Marilyn Morris is forging ahead with full confidence that the Meaford Scarecrow Invasion and Family Festival executive, sponsors, and volunteers are onboard and ready to launch the 2018 invasion. "Hew-haw" she says, "scarecrows are going western this year. We are building on a long-standing tradition...

cattleEach Winter, Grey Ag Services offers Winter Courses of interest to producers and rural residents of Grey and Bruce Counties and beyond. Below, please find all of the courses that we are offering. The courses are filling quickly, so please act fast!! Pre-registration is required, so please promote these in advance of the...




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