pictographsA three-evening series on Indigenous issues will be offered this June in Owen Sound.
Students will learn the history of the development of North America through the eyes of the original people of central Turtle Island during the course which will ...

herbsHave you noticed the contraption in the window at the Artists' Co-op? It's a solar food dryer!

After a makeover by the talented artists at the Co-op, the dryer will go into service at the Canadian Mental Health Association's Food...

bruce trail baton relayThe Bruce Trail anniversary baton is arriving in the area. 

The Bruce Trail is 50 years old this spring, and some great events are planned to celebrate.

The Anniversary Baton is passing through the Sydenham section from Blantyre to...

between-our-steps05-11-17-doubleThe way family has and is changing in our society, celebrating Mother's Day feels anachronistic at best. For many people, the day can feel uncomfortable as the message of the day highlights the way their life does not fit the model. Although my kids still think it is an important day, and my mother certainly valued it, I would rather ...




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