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CDCSThe following letter was sent by a local parent to her Member of Provincial Parliament, Bill Walker and to her local Bluewater District School Board elected Trustee, David Mason. The reply from Mr. Mason follows.

My name is Laurie Stanyer, I am a parent of 5 students at CDCS ( Chesley District Community School). I have been working hard with a lot of parents during this Accomodation Review (ARC) process. I am sending you this email as I have recently become very...

lakes-featTo whom it may concern,

I am writing to you today as a concerned citizen, but more importantly as a young person whose life you have the power to greatly impact - for good and for ill. This message is in response to the Deep Geologic Repository Project that Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is proposing to construct in the municipality of Kincardine. I grew up in the Township of Chatsworth, only a short drive from...

muslim-friendsThis happened about about 2 weeks before the cowardly and senseless killing of 6 innocent people in Quebec City. I would like to share my story with your readers and add a few comments on Jim Merriam's editorial in Sun Times on February 8. (Hate speech work of cowards).

I fully agree with Mr. Merriam when he says " I am not an expert on Islam, but its practitioners whom I know are much like the worshipers of other faiths. They are dedicated, hard working, loyal, family oriented individuals who have no harm in their hearts , less alone in their minds." Mr. Merriam acknowledges the violence and intolerance in the religious books, and assures us that very few of the worshipers in the 21 century would commit or even approve hate crimes.

In support of his opinion:

We spent recently a two weeks vacation in the southern Cuba. Among the nicest people we met and spent a lot of time with, were Steve and Sophie, both Muslims, originally from Bosnia. We loved their friendliness, their spontaneity, their energy, their ever....

downtownpanIn response to the Hub's question ...what shall we do to encourage people to come to Owen Sound?

What I would like to see happen, there is so much. .. I would have liked to see the rails stay, however they are gone and very unlikely they will be back. I do agree we need to stop putting large eyesore buildings on the waterfront. It should be for all to enjoy. Since manufacturing is not growing but some is still here, we need to make sure they stay! Let's embrace what we do have.

What about a ten day harbour festival two weekends and the full week in between? Get the tall ships in. Incorporate all of downtown; perhaps the shopkeepers would dress and decorate in the style of the early days when the shores were booming here - buskers of all kinds, caricatures - there are enormous possibilities.

It's been a dream of mine to build a Waterpark where Russell Brothers factory was - indoor and outdoor. Making the beach area




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