bookofdelights- by Allison Billings

In the winter, I decided to lease an unheated space that was basically glorious old brick and beams, one bald light and no water in the middle of nowhere. (ok, fine…Hepworth).

I had a feeling that I wanted to create a little bookstore in the (also art) studio. I had very much missed bookstores in the pandemic ...

rajab al shaeyer marche des fermiers owen soundAs new Canadians settle in to our local communities, they want to bring their families to their new home.  It is the shared history of many Canadians from all over the world - maybe your family.

A local organization called The Bluewater New Canadian ...

osfn1- by John Dickson, Owen Sound Field Naturalists

On the morning of July 19, many hands made light work when the Friends of Hibou met to do trail clipping and cleaning litter along the length of shoreline. Marie Knapp shared this - report. It has been a challenge to find a time when pandemic restrictions allowed it. This event was a ...

BOS 08 19 2021 doublesize
Early on a quiet, blue-sky morning, I hear rain drops fall on leaves. The shower had stopped, the clouds cleared, just before ...


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