goatpath - by Dennis Thompsett

The Goat Path is a rough little footpath from the classy end of my East Hill down to  Mudtown.

 It starts at 5th Avenue and 16th Street, between the Catholic Church parking lot and Mosquito Park. It comes out at 4th Avenue, about 1/3 the way up 15th street hill. And right on the ever busy downhill lane, too, Which  adds to it's goatiness.

PSDS MiyawakiBioswale 18Sep23 leadinA soggy schoolyard turned into a minature forest over the summer, and yesterday it was unveiled by its designer and the volunteers who helped put it all together.

It's a demonstration site for a concept melding the tiny forest principles of venerated Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki with an ancient drainage method, a bioswale – literally a living ditch – to regenerate urban wastelands and manage water runoff ...

hubofficeinteriorWe have given the property owner notice at the Community Incubator at 279 10th Street East in the Chicago Building that we will be out by December 31, or earlier, if he has a new tenant.

Thanks to the extreme generosity of Peter Reid of Tibbs Management who continued to pay the rent after he sold the building, the space has been used ....

communitysafetyDue to the facilitator's exposure to a confirmed case of COVID , the community safety meeting scheduled for September 19 at the Harmony Centre has been cancelled.

Further information will be supplied when it becomes available.

ChatsworthHoney 100th 16Sep23 beekidballoon leadinA century of sweetness made a buzz this weekend as Chatsworth Honey celebrated 100 years of beekeeping by hosting the Bee Olympics followed by a barbeque dinner and live music on a beautiful ...


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