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Last week I talked about the divide between those who have found the Covid 19 lockdown okay and those who struggle with it because of lack of space and lack of resources. I spoke of how privilged I am to have a big house and a lonely rural road to ...

Fridays for FutureFriday, June 5th is World Environment Day, and Fridays for Future groups across the country will be striking online to demand a just recovery for all that puts people and planet first. Owen Sound will be holding their strike at 7 PM, featuring a youth discussion called “Earth comes first: Creating a New Normal.” Led by local activist Aidan Randall, the...

becky2- by Rebecca Ironmonger

I am Rebecca, I am bi-racial and from Owen Sound, the end of the underground railroad, home of The Emancipation Day Festival which historically is our family reunion since 1862.

The words of Aaron Charbonneau apply to me.  “I appear WHITE. I am not, but I appear white. . .

sexting- by Tabatha Birtch & Janelle Resmer

What better time is there to discuss the risks of sexting than when face-to-face communication is so widely discouraged? During this current pandemic the internet and technology have become a large part of day to day life. Social isolating creates a need to connect through other means, and even education has...




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