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"Are we there yet?" is a constant question from the back seat of the car. As children on a road trip, we asked this. With our kids in the back seat, we had to address this question. The young child leaving on a 

alex 3 miss you signIt was time for an Alexandra School Family Reunion – even if it had to be from a safe distance away. Last Friday, during lunch hour, the Alexandra staff held a community ‘drive through’.

The parade route meandered through all parts of...

superheroes- by Shea Angus

These are crazy times we find ourselves in. Parks usually packed are empty. Streets bustling on a normal day are sometimes totally empty and quiet now. Main streets and many businesses typically flourishing with the arrival of Spring are closed to try and flatten the curve. However, life must go on.

In these times, a select few. . .

GG cookiesOur healthcare workers at long term care facilities are such heroes. The kindness and the caring they show to our loved ones and the most vulnerable is amazing always but during a pandemic of this magnitude, their work and commitment definitely needs to be...




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