BOS 08 19 2020 doublesizeWhen I first planted a garden, I dismissed the idea of putting in potatoes. I didn't eat a lot of potato, but I also thought that store bought ones were just fine. When I eventually added space for potatoes, I learned how wrong ...

memorial forestHave you ever considered planting a tree in memory of someone? The benefits to the family are physically, mentally and environmentally rewarding.

A visit to our Memorial Forest, you will be greeted by a plaque sign with the names of loved one`s that a tree has been planted in...

zachkeeshig- by Allison Billings

We follow Chef Zach Keeshig down a winding path into deep evergreens planted by human hands in strict rows long ago, the tops soaring past our sightlines overhead. We pick our way across a bed of fallen pine needles turned russet with time, punctuated by the stones of a labyrinth set into the forest floor. We continue through a portal of old windows that frame the next stage of the landscapes of Riverstone Retreat, located near Durham, Ontario. The forest breaks to green lawns circling lush perennial gardens and The Stone House, an eco lodge created from the fields and forests that surround the retreat.

barbfletcherpsw- by Barbara Fletcher

I have always been A Helper.

For over 20 years, I have done the work of a PSW (Personal Support Worker), and I am good at it.
I work in Home-care, the purpose of which is to keep people out of LTC (Long-term Care) and hospitals. It is better mentally, and therefore physically, for people to remain in their homes for as long as they can.
That’s where I come in.


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