Production WorkerOver 20% of Canadians consider themselves night owls, but only a few would prefer to work during night times. Why is that? The overall negative connotation of night shift work has certainly played a big role in shaping people’s perceptions. However, those who decide to pursue roles that keep them awake when many are asleep, tend to enjoy multiple advantages and leverage great opportunities. Chapman’s Ice Cream offers. . .

BCM volunteersHave you heard about Giving Tuesday? Giving Tuesday is a global movement for giving that falls after Black Friday and Cyber Monday to mark the start of ...

77251660 563164764240378 6441699268888625152 nAnother thoughtful piece from Christopher Wrigley, shown here with his friend Jillian Mothersell at the climate rally in Flesherton today.

"Climate strikers come from many diverse communities. We people with different abilities. . .

nov 29By Jon Farmer
November 29th is the international Women Human Rights Defender Day. In 2013, The United Nations recognized the crucial role that women around the world play in protecting and promoting human rights and equality for all people. That resolution recognized that when women stand up for human rights they face higher risks of violence, abuse, harassment, and increased social and economic barriers. As we mark this year’s day of commemoration we need to recognize the leadership and work of women in our own communities and around the world.




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