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I'm doing the most stereotypical Millennial thing right now - posting a pic of my food (but let's face it, all of y'all older folks do that a lot too). I would like to share with you a lil bit of my food journey. This year I decided to explore the food industry, and the impacts that our eating habits have on the earth. Yeah, yeah, I know, "hippy crap"! Just bear with me!

I learned some time ago that. . .

chiliKnights of Columbus is hosting a chili supper this Saturday in support of the needy, kicking off Knights of Columbus Lenten "Food For Families" Campaign.

All proceeds donated to OSHaRE, Safe 'N Sound and...

hayThere is still time to register for the Ontario Hay and Forage AGM on March 3rd. To Register online, please go to If you require any assistance, or to register by phone, please contact Patricia at 877-892-8663. Exhibitor opportunities are still available for this...

between our steps 02 26 20 double"Is this really the kind of fast I want, to bow your head like a bulrush?" The question is posed on God's behalf by the ancient Hebrew prophet Isaiah. (references are to Isaiah 58: 1 -12, NRSV or paraphrased).

Isaiah is commanded to announce that ...




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