three in one thousandBy Jon Farmer
There are many topics that don’t come up in what my grandmother would have called ‘dinner conversation’. We’re specifically taught to avoid three in particular: religion, politics, and sex. But the fact that we’re discouraged from talking about sex has consequences, not the least of which is that we also avoid talking about sexual violence. This is strange, given that the majority of women and a significant number of men will experience sexual violence in their life times.

This is not a secret.

foodThe ‘Swing Your Sticks for Charity’ Committee is proud to make a large donation to the local Salvation Army Food Bank. The donation was a combined effort from money raised at last year’s tournament, donations from committee members and friends, and the assistance of Bill and Elizabeth Graham from Foodland. This goes...

MaiceeOn May 17th, my daughter, Maicee, is turning 9.

Maicee has always been a kind soul. Over the past few weeks since isolation began and her entire world took a somersault, Maicee's kindness and sense of community togetherness have shot to the surface. Despite dealing with her own sadness, Maicee has chosen to make the best of isolation by channeling her emotions into . . .

whats in your garageWhat does Grey Bruce Crime Stoppers and classic cars have in common? These are examples of two community based fundraising groups who have discovered the new normal will be to make lemon-aid out of lemons.

Everyone by now is conscious of COVID-19 and social distancing with its need to keep at least two arms lengths between themselves...




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