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My father was an English and music teacher who considered television to be a disastrous curse on humanity. We were the last family in the community to have one in the 1950's. I had to sneak out to my friend John's home to watch Sagebrush Trail. Father finally acquiesced but insisted that we only watch the Hallmark specials and Toronto Maple Leaf hockey games.
In the early 1960's John F. Kennedy was the first president to regularly use television for communication with our fellow citizens. Yet he also spoke out about the potential misuse of this new medium. My father felt vindicated.
The internet was established in the 1970's with essentially no mechanisms to

Bill and Dr KelseyGrey Bruce Farmers' Week has been a main stay for the agricultural industry in Grey and Bruce Counties since 1966. The featured commodities have evolved as the area's agricultural focus has changed, but the mandate to provide information to producers and agribusiness has remained firm. Producers have supported our programming for...

toolsConstruction students at Saugeen District Secondary School in Port Elgin wrapped up the school year with some amazing upgrades to their communal toolbox. On Friday, June 16, 2017, a representative from Milwaukee Electric Tools Canada visited Bud Halpin's class to deliver a prize pack of cutting-edge power tools, which included a circular saw, an impressive assortment of drills, among other items that would undoubtedly cause any handyperson to blush.

The new hardware was awarded following the students' participation in...

classic carCanadian Coasters Car Club make Owen Sound Campus a pit stop on cross-Canada 150th celebration tour.

When: Wednesday, July 26, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

What: The Canadian Coaster Car Club will stop by the Owen Sound Campus with their...




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