between our steps 2016 nov 09 double
I have been thinking about lament, and the role it can have in helping us to express our grief. Public lament can be a powerful tool to release pent up emotion. But as I ponder this, I am aware that there is another ...

PeaceMedalThe prestigious YMCA Peace Medal honours people of all ages from coast to coast who are helping to build better communities by ...

its personal periodFor the month of October, donations of feminine hygiene products are being collected at various locations across Bruce/Grey County and will be given out to local food banks, Women's House, and Bluewater District/Bruce Grey Catholic School Boards.

Food banks are seldom considered for these products. Women's shelters are always. . .

ospl fullMark your calendar, the Great Annual Library Book Sale is back. This significant fundraiser has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Library. It has also ...




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