between-our-steps-07-11-18-doubleEverywhere I go in our area, grass has turned brown and brittle. Most of it will come back when we get moisture, but some places will have to be reseeded. Tree leaves are turning yellow and falling. Weeds are showing stress. I think by now everyone knows how close to ...

Tavern brawlA chance to watch Episode 2 and 3 of The Bruce.

The Owen Sound and North Grey Union Public Library will host screenings of The Bruce documentary series, Episode 2: The Last Frontier and...

ISStrackJul19- by John Hlynialuk, Bluewater Astronomical Society

Mark your calendar for 11 pm on the night of July 19. The Sun sets around 9 pm EDT, there is a nice first quarter Moon high in the sky and you will see Jupiter shining brightly to the left of the Moon. Also in the western sky there is Venus, even brighter than...

Pizzettes- Natasha Beatson, RD

What's not to love about tomatoes? They are juicy, flavourful and add just the right amount of colour to any dish. Local tomato season is upon us so here's some info on one of our favourite foods....




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