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oil pump jackThe man was sitting down. He did not rise when his Prime Minister entered the room. He would not look him in the face. He refused to shake his hand.

Never mind that his country was burning … that a billion animals had perished in the flames … that 30 people lost their...

saugeenterritoryToday is a historic day! The Saugeen Ojibway Nation community members vote on consent for OPG’s proposed Deep Geological Repository for low and intermediate level nuclear waste.

This will be an international precedent-setting vote using Free, Prior and Informed Consent processes. . .

galaxyWe who live or visit here have so many entertainment choices, from hockey to Symphony and everything in between, it's often difficult to decide what to attend, but some events sadly require a little more effort to learn about and are not well enough attended to ensure our access. I speak of Live events screened at the Galaxy cinemas.

mark meldrum december 21.JPGw960On December 22 climate scientist and activist Mark Meldrum gave a speech on climate issues to a large audience in Collingwood under the auspices of the Collingwood Climate Action Team. 

Fortunately his speech, entitled Making Sense of Energy Transitions: What Can You Do?, was videotaped and. . .




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