phrag-featby Bill Moses

Are you aware of the phragmites problem? We all know that at one time our native species thrived in a balanced ecosystem that is now being compromised by the rapid spread of some non-native plants. Phragmites australis (also known as common reed) is one of the worst offenders, forming colonies that cover wide areas and accumulate such a dense mat of ...

diningcar-featureUPDATE: The winning ticket for the train trip belonged to "R. Bennett" with a 416 phone number.

On Saturday September 19 at 1:30 pm the Community Waterfront Heritage Centre invites the public to a ribbon cutting ceremony to open the 1953 CN Dining Car. Visitors are invited to board the passenger car at the CN station in Owen Sound for the first time in nearly half a century. Light refreshments will be served.

At 2 PM the winning ticket for...

georgianface-featureFind out more about Georgian College at Community Night – this is your opportunity to learn about our programs and services in a friendly, informative setting.

Whether you're new to the postsecondary world or you're looking to continue your education, you probably have lots of questions. Our staff will be on-campus to help you explore your options and provide answers.

Drop by the Owen Sound campus between 5 and 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 22.

Why come to Community Night?

Here are the things you can do at Community Night:

Cathy-Hird-footprints-in-sandBy Cathy Hird

When talking about our impact on the environment, we often use the term "footprint". Sometimes it seems as if we picture the way we lightly press our foot on the sand making a mark that single wave can wash away. But let's consider the way feet leave marks.

If once in a while we walk across the lawn to trim around a tree, no one would know by looking. But the path from where we park the car to the front door is clear. Sometimes on that path we


sun-featureWith the arrival of fall colours comes the return of the Speaker Series at Meaford Hall Arts & Cultural Centre. Have a seat in the beautiful Gallery space and listen to this season's lectures, including speakers both local and from further afield. All talks begin at 1pm, admission is by donation.

The Bluewater Astronomical Society begins with 'Solartalk' on Sunday September 20. Learn about the Sun, our "daytime star", explaining how it is responsible for such astronomical phenomena like eclipses and northern lights at night. Then, view sunspots and solar prominences using special telescopes that allow safe solar viewing.

On Sunday October 18, speaker Marjorie Davison presents...


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