United Way loho-featureOn behalf of the Board of Directors of the United Way Bruce Grey we would like to recognize the tremendous extra effort by our Executive Director, staff and volunteers in mobilizing and co-ordinating the direct relief, and fund-raising efforts over the past weeks since the devastaing fire in Owen Sound. All the while continuing to support the other impotant ongoing United Way programs.

The issue of how funds raised will be allocated is no simple matter, but...

open-reg-by Jane Phillips

Canadian statistics over the last several decades confirm that as the economy weakens, self-employment grows. The author of the Statistics Canada report Self-employment in the downturn Sébastien LaRochelle-Côté says the data is incomplete, but it appears that the people who are most successful at starting new businesses are men over 55. Those are also the people who are also more likely to create jobs for others. LaRochelle-Côté says it does not appear they are starting the new businesses because they are being pushed into it by job loss. Instead they often leave a good job to start a dream project. They are pulled.
It's essential to understand that there is no "right time" to launch a new business. There is no ideal economic environment, no perfect market window, no flawless product idea that will guarantee your new business will be a success.
Mediocre products launched in a down economy can be the platform for a successful business; insanely brilliant products launched in a roaring bull market can collapse like a badly made souffle .
The "right time" is...

Cathy-Hird-breadBy Cathy Hird
In each of the four bible stories of Jesus, we read of a time when he fed a huge crowd. When the writer John thought about the meaning of the miracle, he argued that this sharing of bread pushed people to look for what gives life to the spirit as well as what feeds the body.

As John tells it, this happened on the eve of the passover. That festival made many restless as they squirmed under the thumb of Rome and remembered the exodus from Egypt. This miracle echoes Moses' story as Jesus led the people out into the wilderness and up onto a moutain. Then, he fed them bread.

For those who looked for a liberator, the parallels were perfect. "Make him king right now, and we'll take back our land," they declared.

Jesus slipped away. He cared that they were hungry. He cared about the poor in Galilee, suffering because of the rich landlords and the invaders. But making him king was the way to bring done the brutal fist of Rome on the land. He disappeared with

silentvalley-reg-by Sandra J. Howe

"Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play and pray, where Nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike. In every walk with Nature one receives far more than one seeks."-John Muir

Ron Savage spends abundant time in Nature on the Bruce Trail, Sydenham Section, in his Trail Director role. He has been a dedicated volunteer for many years, and has rendered great service to the local hiking community by building and maintaining trails. Now he has brought a new gift to light in the form of a fascinating book about Silent Valley Nature Reserve. Whether you are an armchair adventurer or active hiker, this easy read with lots of Ron's lovely photos will entertain and educate. It highlights geology, cultural history, flora and fauna, and the unique connection Ron has felt in developing trails on this land. It is a story of learning and loving a place.

Silent Valley Nature Reserve is one of...

Greymap-reg-by Anne Fnlay-Stewart, and friends

Facebook is an interesting phenomenon. In its relatively short life it has been the source of joy, cruelty, information, connection and deception.
Today I read an interchange that demonstrated the role Facebook can play in civil discourse. It is edited only for length and clarity, and those involved in the conversation are not identified so that you, dear reader, are not distracted.
We at the Hub look forward to your thoughts on this exchange about "Placemaking" as it applies to our own city.


Person A -I just picked up a copy of arguably the most popular, highly distributed and well read regionally developed, full colour magazine in Southern Georgian Bay. That includes Owen Sound.
The awesome article about Placemaking: creating power of place in Southern Georgian Bay has 10 pages in the magazine, including two full pages devoted to map of Southern Georgian Bay region.
Stayner, Meaford, Wasaga, Collingwood, Craigleith, Eugenia, Creemore, Thornbury, Kimberley, etc. -- all appear on the map and in the article.
Guess which city doesn't exist on the map or anywhere in the article?
Owen Sound.
Could it be that those of us who have been heralding the importance of place in culture and tourism building have actually been on to something?


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