cathy-africaBy Cathy Hird

"Right at the beginning of their time in Africa, EWB (Engineers Without Borders) gets staff and interns to stay in a village for a week," my daughter said. "We are expected to live with the people we work with. We take public transportation just like they do. We believe you have to live the way the people do in order to design programs that will actually help."

cathy-community-featureBy Cathy Hird

Recently, I visited a city in the American Midwest and found my encounters with strangers intriguing. In this still segregated community, a smile offered to an African-American generated a comment and a laugh, a relationship.


The Hub commissioned this original video, by Owen Sounder Kenny MacLaughlin, to celebrate the joy of summer in Bruce-Grey. Enjoy.


Here's a nice feature on the Manitoulin Cougar, in the Manitoulin Expositor.

cathy-farmBy Cathy Hird

I go find my son. "Change of plan," I say to him. He looks quizzical. "The tractor overheated out in the lane. We need to go with Dad and figure out what went wrong." Five minutes later, the three of us jump in the truck and head back.

We were supposed to take the same vehicle to town and look at water bowls for the barn. One of them needs to be replaced right away. But haying takes priority in this season, so getting the tractor fixed comes first.


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