booksBruce County Public Library is running its annual Food for Fines program at all 17 branches in Bruce County.

From November 29th to December 12th, clear some of your overdue fines and help support local food ...

BOS 12 01 2021 doublesize
Tiny snowflakes fall straight down. There is no wind as my feet shush through the blanket that fell over night. My dog adores snow, gets so excited when his nose pushes through to the ground. When excited, he leaps and grabs the ...

womanovershoulder- by Andrea Turcotte

Rape culture. You have likely heard the term; it is utilized widely across social media platforms. But what does it mean? And what impact does living in such a culture have on women and girls?

Rape culture is not new terminology. Coined by ...

GreyRootswinterGrey Roots Museum & Archives kicks off a month full of holiday programming and events on Saturday December 4. The month-long occasion, titled “A December to Remember”, features events and activities geared for all age groups.

On Saturday, December 4, Tammy Cruickshank, Grey County Early Years Literacy Facilitator, leads “Toddlers Take the Museum”. ...


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