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"In the past, there was a future," was my attempt to describe why writing about a future dream (or dread) in memoir is difficult. The tense is tricky, though it has a ...

Georgian GetToKnowGeorgianTime hasn’t run out on your chance to attend college this fall. If you want to find out more about your postsecondary options and how you can still apply for a September start, Georgian College is here to help. We’re offering a Get to Know ...

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We were asked how the Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Health Unit could provide familes with information about vaccination status in their local high schools.  School boards and Health Units have co-operated for decades in ensuring that school-age children are protected from highly-contagious diseases including polio, measles and whooping cough.  This information is on the websites of the school boards and Public Health units.:

billiegrainger100Billie Grainger was surrounded by family as she celebrated her 100th birthday in fine style, with a drive-by of friends and admirers, classic cars, fire trucks and Grey-Simcoe Foresters. 

Neighbours around Owen Heights Park, where Mrs. Grainger has lived for over 70 years ...


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