heritagemall- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Heritage Place Mall is for sale - again.

All real estate listings are written like dating profiles, highlighting a property's best features. But the photo of the Sear's sign in two of three banner photos on the listing reminds me that people watching "You've Got Mail"...

jeffpreston- by Jeff Preston

Let me add my voice to the huge volume of Ontarians currently decrying today's announced clawbacks/cancellations of social assistance programs (specifically Ontario Works and the Ontario Disability Support Program).

While I fully agree that OW/ODSP are deeply flawed programs that....

kilannanSpencer Wareham, Kilannan Brewing Company

I don't see how any real craft brewery could genuinely benefit from selling their beer at such a price. The costs associated with producing beer have steadily increased across all fronts and a big one is the provincial beer taxes...

beer- by Eric Portelance

To Todd Smith, MPP for Bay of Quinte

I am a former brewery owner (sold earlier this year), and a constituent of yours in Prince Edward County.

It's important for me to write to express how appalled I am at your buck a beer announcement this morning...

water quality- by Louis Roesch, Director, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

Farmers and community partners are taking action to keep waterways safe with a science-based approach. Four new on-farm test sites will be added this fall in southwestern Ontario, thanks to new funding, to collect...


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