dockmist-by Joey Gentile

Often times, one can step foot into any City, Town or Village and see big signs: "Luxurious Condominiums", "5 Star Hotel", "New Development Complex" etc. These sights have not just happened. They were planned. They were planned by many politicians, private and corporate land developers and many, many contractors.

Mayors and Councillors of many rural Ontario Communities call it "Economic Development". But what exactly is Economic Development besides the fantasy of the advertisements and media? It is a system, a...

Roxy-whoselife-by Terri Hope

As I see it, the title underscores the essential meaning of this play. Whose Life is it Anyway? Does the medical profession have the right to declare that one cannot be 'sane' and wish to die at the same time?

The lead character, Claire, is a middle aged woman who has been in a catastrophic car accident. After five months of treatment in hospital, the doctors have been able to 'save her'. Her broken ribs, leg bones, punctured lung, etc. have all healed. But Claire is a quadriplegic, and in spite of much soul searching on her part, a sharp wit and fierce intelligence, still sincerely wants to die.

The young resident doctor believes that she is sane, and has the right to refuse treatment. If she exercises this right, she will die. Claire is able to convince a young lawyer to take her case and argue her rights

marg gavillerBluewater District School Board trustee Marg Gaviller cast the lone vote against the recommendation to consolidate the Board's two Owen Sound high schools. Here is the full text of her remarks at the Board's Special Committee of the Whole meeting on Tuesday, April 12.


Without question, this is the most difficult decision I have been called upon to make in all my years on the Bluewater Board. The issue has been on my mind for the last 2 or 3 months, leading me first in one direction and then in another; it has occupied my mind at various times of any day and sometimes at night, keeping me awake. I have read all the email thoughts and opinions, and listened to all the speakers at meetings,....

frozendaffodilsHow to find hope in the Anthropocene: Atmospheric Rivers and Stuplimity

-by Liz Zetlin

As I write this, April snow covers the ground. Half emerged frozen daffodils hang down their heads. Last week record rainfalls poured into homes and over Highway 6 closing the road, such floods not seen in 50 years. And then in The Guardian, this morning, the headline: Global warming may be far worse than thought, cloud analysis suggests.

Researchers discovered clouds contain more liquid (rather than ice) than they had thought. Ice crystals in clouds reflect solar light. But if these crystals turn to water, the solar heat is absorbed and warming estimates


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