housing- By Peggy McIntosh

In February 2022, the Meaford Chamber of Commerce (MCoC) sent out a survey to Meaford businesses. The goal was to learn more and communicate about “workforce” pressures that businesses are facing. Questions were posed to learn about hiring issues.

The MCoC Business Survey truly just scratches the surface of what we know is likely to be a much bigger “Itch.”

evcharging2- by David McLaren

Doug Ford and Justin Trudeau recently committed $1.6 billion to auto-makers to build electric vehicles in Ontario. (All we need now are the rebates for folks to buy them, as other provinces are doing with success.) Maybe Ontario’s Conservatives are Progressive after all.

There are plenty of jobs in a green economy if Ontario would only put its shoulder to the wheel. It’s going to take more than bucks to business ...

line 5 pipelines- by Phil McNichol

You could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard the propane truck backing down the driveway the other day. It hadn’t been that long ago, I thought, that I had the two tanks feeding the furnace filled up.

Turned out ...

frustration- By Abbi Barrie

Maybe you’ve heard someone say that what happened to you made you stronger, or perhaps you’ve even said this to someone who experienced sexual violence. What does it mean when we say this? The message we are trying to send is that despite what happened to us, we have survived and we are strong because of it. Often when we’re coming from a good place and we don’t know what else to say, we fall on phrases like this. Or perhaps we just don’t feel comfortable with any “negativity” and as a result, we have to find a positive spin for everything. So, what’s the problem with this well-intended, seemingly positive line?


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